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Facebook News Feed Mastery

Optimise your Page and Posts for maximum organic reach. A guide to cracking Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm. Ful...

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Competitive Edge With Facebook Groups

How to create, run and market an effective Facebook Group  With abysmal organic reach and declining engage...

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LinkedIn for Building Business

LinkedIn is well-known but still sometimes underrated.  If you want to promote your business, B2B or B2C –...

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YouTube and Video Marketing

How is your company using YouTube? All too often it's simply a dumping ground for a company's video assets, with...

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Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

A 3+ hour course covering all you need to know about using LinkedIn for job hunting, career development, networking a...

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Messenger - Social Customer Service

Messenger is rapidly becoming a powerful customer service platform using some nifty free features available on your F...

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News Feed Mastery – Mini-Course Update

A detailed introduction to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm with ideas, examples and pro tips for Page Admins on how ...

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How to create a Facebook Instant Experience Ad

A 30 minute step-by-step masterclass that walks you through what you need to do to create an Instant Experience (form...

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How not to [email protected]%!-up on social media!

This course will help you and your team avoid faux pas on social media that could embarrass the organisation or even ...

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The Facebook News Feed Algorithm

How to give your content the best chance of being seen With organic reach in the single figures Pages have a tough j...

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How to develop a social media policy

A masterclass designed for organisations creating a social media policy for the first time, or for those aware that t...

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Facebook Page Fundamentals

A great foundational course for people new to Facebook marketing as well as those with an existing Page keen to revie...

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