Latest updates to Facebook Groups

A detailed look at all the new updates rolled out to Facebook Groups during summer 2017 including:

  • How to link a Group to a Page
  • How to post as a Page in a Group
  • Insights for Groups including that all important reach figure
  • How to ask prospective members questions
  • Member request filtering
  • A great new email data capture technique for Group members
  • How to schedule posts in a Group
  • The new removed member clean-up process
  • Group to group linking
  • Using the new universal in-box
  • How to archive a Group

We also look at why a large number of wildly successful Facebook Groups are closing down and starting again from scratch. What has driven the Admins to this drastic action and what lessons have they learned when setting up their new Groups?

50 minutes of training plus download our comprehensive checklist to setting up and running a Facebook Group.