Facebook audiences & ads targeting

A detailed, step-by-step guide to Facebook’s audience and ad targeting features.

This practical course will show you how to show ads to your mailing list, your Facebook fans, website visitors, “lookalike” audiences and even your competitors fans.

We will dive into how you create custom audiences, retarget people who have already clicked on your ads and make full use of the Facebook pixel.

Using the Audience Insights tool we will explore how to target people by interests and behaviours, as well as combining multiple factors using Detailed Targeting.

Module 5 delivers the ultimate online sales funnel with an approach that you can use for your audience to warm up cold leads to loyal and paying customers.

Finally, having mastered targeting and a more strategic (read effective) approach to advertising, our resident Facebook pro, Marie Page, walks you through setting up your first ad campaign.

Module 1 - Introduction to Facebook targeting

Facebook's database is immense. And it knows more about our likes, interests, click history than most of us remotely realise. Advertisers can harness that data to enable themselves to target just the right potential customers.

In the first module we consider the different segments of people that you can target with Facebook advertising from cold contacts currently totally unaware of your brand through to your customer list and even your competitor's customers.

We also share a helpful model that provides a visual overview of the various ad target

Module 2 - Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Examining some of Facebook's most effective targeting opportunities - custom and lookalike audiences.

We provide step-by-step guidance on creating these audiences from your fans, mailing list, website visitors and even people who have previously clicked on your ad or used your app.

Module 3 - The Facebook Pixel

Explaining what Facebook's new pixel is and how to add it to your website. We also recommend a helpful troubleshooting plugin and detail common errors with pixels.

Module 4 - Ad targeting basics

Building on the introductions to Facebook targeting in module 1, this module gets into far more detail on targeting by demographics and "connections".

We then look at the multiple interest and behaviour targeting options and explain how to seize the opportunities offered by Facebook's new detailed targeting tool.

Module 5 - The sales funnel

Module 5 is a little different to the rest of the course in that we take a step back and consider Facebook ads and ad targeting in the context of a proven online sales funnel approach.

Stand by for advice on converting a cold audience into a warm lead using lead magments, trip wires and core offers.

Module 6 - The Audience Insights tool

Module 6 unpacks a sadly under utilised market research tool that Facebook providers entirely free-of-charge to advertisers.

Using the Audience Insights tool we can extract market intelligence on our target audience, particularly when we are targeting by interest and behaviour. Guaranteed to improve your click through rates and ROI.

Module 7 - Step-by-step guide to setting up your first campaign

In this final module we walk you through the ads creation process with particular emphasis on audience selection and targeting.

Don't run another Facebook ads campaign until you have watched this course!

  • 7 easy-to-follow video training modules
  • Practical training from top Facebook practitioner Marie Page
  • Access to trainer via Facebook support group
  • Real life examples and up-to-date best practice
  • Lifetime access to course materials