News Feed Mastery – Mini-Course Update

A detailed introduction to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm with ideas, examples and pro tips for Page Admins on how to get maximum reach with their organic content. Run time 1 hour 54 minutes.


Intro and Module 1 – Facebook in Context: The problem of reach

A look at the facts and figures relating to social media access and usage in the UK and across the world. Where does Facebook sit in relation to the other platforms? How is usage changing and what impact is that having for businesses?

We look at the disconnect between why people use social media vs business use and examine the problem of organic reach benchmarking your reach and engagement against other pages in the UK and beyond.

Module 2 – The Facebook News Feed Algorithm

This module unpacks the principles behind the News Feed Algorithm and reveals the factors Facebook considers when choosing what to put onto users News Feeds.

Module 3 – How to influence your reach by what and how you post

We begin by looking at alternatives to a Facebook Page for your business – some of these might surprise you.

We then look at what you can do to maximise your effectiveness in News Feed with reference back to the Facebook algorithm. Packed full of examples, tips and insider tricks this is essential viewing for any Page admin.

Module 4 – Summary of learning and case study

Having explored our own take on the algorithm in Module 2 we look at the information Facebook has disclosed about how it works. We share further ideas for quality content that people, and the algorithm love as well as summarising the learning on the course to date. Finally we examine three highly effective posts and look at what factors contributed to their success.