Zero to Hero with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of creating Facebook or Instagram ads?

Disappointed that your ads never seem to get the results you were hoping for?

Social Media Examiner recently found that a whopping 81% of marketers want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram as a PAID social media platform.

But many marketers feel far from confident in their use of Ads Manager and as a result produce ineffective and costly campaigns.

In this 6+ hour, 12-module course you will learn a set of more sophisticated ad targeting and creation techniques normally the preserve of the professional ads agency.

As well as walking you through the process of creating an ad campaign step-by-step, we will help you to:

  • Understand why your current ad targeting approaches don’t work and learn a radical new set of priorities for ads targeting that will drive up sales and reduce ad spend
  • Increase your confidence in using a variety of ad types that better match your business goals with your creative approaches
  • Discover how to get results from Messenger ads
  • Learn how to simply test different headlines, ad copy and image combinations for improved clicks and conversions
  • See how psychological approaches can be utilised to drive commitment and conversions
  • Learn a bunch of tricks and tips to streamline your work in Ads Manager and reduce the time you spend managing campaigns
  • Understand how to use the Facebook pixel to improve your tracking and enhance your targeting
  • Learn how to create a retargeting campaign on Facebook for your website visitors or mailing list and increase the effectiveness of all your OTHER digital marketing efforts
  • Master how to craft your ad copy to drive better results
  • Discover the secrets of an effective landing page that converts
  • Learn about the ways your website is working against your ads campaigns
  • How to work with disapproved ads or restricted content

Suitable for brand new advertisers through to seasoned Facebook marketers who know they could be doing so much better with their Facebook ads.


Facebook Instant Experience Ad Masterclass included as a free bonus when you buy the Zero to Hero With Facebook Ads course.


Includes a one hour update covering many of the changes to Ads Manager from 2019.


Course Content

We cover all the essential elements that you need to get right from targeting, custom audiences, and lookalikes as well as drilling down to Facebook’s awesome detailed targeting tool which enables you to narrow audiences by combining interests and behaviours.


Module 1 – An introduction to Facebook ads

  • Making a business case for using Facebook ads
  • Uncovering the different ways ads are targeted at you
  • Building a priority list of targeting (that probably doesn’t include the people you are currently targeting!)
  • Using a funnel approach in conjunction with your ad campaigns
  • The anatomy of a Facebook ads campaign: mastering every element

Module 2 – Getting set up

  • How to set up an ads account
  • How to add a new admin to your ads account
  • How to change your payment info

Module 3 – Your first campaign

  • A step-by-step guide to creating an ads campaign in the new combined Ads Manager
  • Examples of highly converting ads

Module 4 – Ads Manager tricks and tips

  • A live tour of Ads Manager and how to create a campaign in real time
  • Tips on:
    • Ensuring your ads aren’t accidentally live
    • Duplicating campaigns, ad sets and ads with ease
    • Using Dynamic Creative to test headlines, copy, images and other creative assets
    • Complying with the 20% text rule
    • What you should do instead of Page Like ads
    • Using rules to automate campaign tweaking
    • How to get and why you need a high relevance score
    • Tracking effectiveness with utm and url parameters
    • A little trick to get new fans as an extra benefit from your ads campaign
    • Working with branded content

Module 5 – Custom and Lookalike audiences

  • Discovering and prioritising warm audiences
  • How and why to target ads to:
    • Website visitors
    • Your mailing list
    • Your existing customer base
    • People who have already interacted with your ad, a video or recently been active in your Facebook Page
    • Lookalikes of people who already buy from you

Module 6 – Ad targeting: demographics, interests, behaviours and more

  • Focusing first on the low hanging fruit
  • Layering and combining basic and more advanced demographic targeting
  • Why the detailed targeting tool can be your secret weapon in ads targeting
  • How to create an offer in Ads Manager

Module 7 – The Facebook pixel

  • An introduction to the Facebook pixel and what it does
  • Why you need the pixel installed on your website
  • Using the pixel for retargeting
  • How to install the pixel
  • Troubleshooting when the pixel isn’t working
  • Sharing your pixel for even more sales

Module 8 – The Audience Insights tool

  • Using personas to identify the ideal target customer
  • Understanding how to use the Audience Insights tool for improved targeting and enhanced customer understanding

Module 9 – Getting started with Messenger ads

  • Getting into Messenger ads NOW (before everyone else does!)
  • The three types of Messenger ads
  • Step-by-step guide to creating a Messenger ad
  • Case study of effective use of Messenger as an ads destination

Module 10 – Reporting

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Using Ads Manager for monitoring and improving your ads
  • The Facebook Ads mobile app

Module 11 – Getting the results you want: ad copy, landing pages and psychological approaches

  • Why simply being an Ads Manager ninja is not enough
  • 11 reasons why your campaigns are not delivering
  • Using psychological approaches to drive engagement and conversion
  • Writing ad copy that delivers
  • Do’s and don’ts of landing page design
  • When websites work against your advertising efforts

Module 12 – Working with disapproved ads or restricted content

  • The ads review process and what to do when your ad is disapproved
  • Rules for avoiding ad disapproval
  • Working with prohibited content (there are x29 areas here)
  • Working with restricted content (x10 areas)
  • Learning re-cap of full course

Autumn 2019 Course Update

A fair bit has changed in the world of Facebook ads in the time since the original Zero to Hero course was created.

We’ve therefore created a single module update which features the following content:

  • Updated Facebook campaign structure diagram
  • Changes to Ads Manager
  • Video ads / targeting case study
  • Ads campaign case study
  • Boosting a post – best practice
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • Campaign Budget Optimisation
  • Researching competitor ads
  • Copywriting: tips, a great free app and headline ideas