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Story Telling in Social Media

Marie Page’s Neal’s Yard Conference Talk on Story Telling in Social Media

Social Stories: The Art of Conversation Using Social Media

This is the Director’s Cut of the conference talk Marie Page gave to Neal’s Yard Consultants on the subject of story telling in social media.

The actual conference talk was only 20 minutes long but this full length 35 minute presentation includes bonus content that had to be taken out due to time constraints.

The talk includes:

  • Marketing vs story telling
  • Why story telling is effective
  • Spotlight on well known entrepreneurs who have built well known businesses on the strength of story telling
  • The Hero’s (Heroine’s) Journey
    The story arc that all the greatest stories have in common
  • How to develop your story
  • Stories for products
  • The 3-act structure (bonus content)
  • The challenges of social media
  • The balance of content for social
  • Masses of examples of great use of social media and story telling from Neal’s Yard consultants
  • Tips and advice for social media content
  • A look at the Facebook News Feed algorithm