Email Marketing Wizardry

Make the most of your time and increase your email marketing knowledge so you can better connect with your audience, move your strategy forward and increase your email marketing revenue!

A comprehensive course, presented  by Kate Barrett, on email marketing for beginners to advanced practitioners.

  • Module 1: Setting Your Email Marketing Objectives

  • Module 2: The Importance of Data to Underline Your Strategy

  • Module 3: Segmentation & Personalisation Strategy

  • Module 4: Understanding the Customer Journey

  • Module 5: Design Your Emails for Engagement

  • Module 6: Testing For Success!

  •  Module 7: Growing Your Email List

  • Module 8: Getting Your Emails to The Inbox

  • Module 9: Choosing the Right Platform to Support Your Email Marketing Strategy

Kate Barrett is the founder of eFocus Marketing, providing specialist email marketing consultancy, management and training services to companies around the world.

With a proven track record and over 13 years’ experience, Kate’s expertise and passion has helped a large range of companies (including Nissan, Marks & Spencer, Argos, Vision Direct and QVC among many others) develop comprehensive strategies, implement, manage and optimise campaigns, as well as solve complex email marketing issues.

Kate is a member of the DMA Email Council, regularly speaks at events, and is the email marketing lecturer for the IDM.

Kate is also the author of the published book ‘E-telligence. Email Marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is’