Facebook Insights 101

In this 28 minute Masterclass we take you through Facebook Insights for two Facebook Pages. Learn what each feature means and how to make sense of the data.

You will learn how to discover the best time of the day to post for your fans, how to find out how many people have watched videos from your archive, where in the world your fans come from and who is the most engaged with your content.

We also show you how to create an Excel Export of your data. And how to make sense of all the columns of figures to enable you to drill down to the magic “Fan Reach” percentage – a number Facebook does not reveal otherwise.

The demonstration pages show how insights for a local business differ from a Page in a different category and how to find out the number of interactions your Page’s Shop section has received.

A useful Masterclass for anyone getting to grips with Facebook Insights for the first time, who those who would like to fast track the very latest features available.