YouTube and Video Marketing

How is your company using YouTube? All too often it's simply a dumping ground for a company's video assets, with little thought on how people really use YouTube to discover, research and consider products and services. 

YouTube is the second biggest search engine (behind Google, its owner) and the second biggest social network (behind Facebook) so should this platform play a larger role in your digital marketing mix?

In this 8 module course our YouTube instructor, Carlton Jefferis, walks you through the opportunity, how to plan your video content and the specific actions to take to improve your chances of videos being discovered.

Course content

Module 1 - YouTube essential stats (9 mins)
This module will help you understand the size of the YouTube opportunity with facts and data on usage, demographics and how YouTube sits with other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is a good place to start if you are building a case for developing a YouTube strategy or looking for recent stats to help justify a particular approach.

Module 2 - Developing a YouTube content strategy (31 mins)
This module walks through the 3 key types of YouTube video content and how they fit within a content strategy.

We also look in detail at how leveraging the talent and audience of successful YouTube Creators can be a very clever and successful approach to help market your products or services.

Finally, we consider the implications of paid promotion and the guidance of ASA and FTC in how to declare any sponsored video content. We also discuss the impact of YouTube Kids app in your content strategy.

Module 3 - Video optimisation and getting YouTube videos ranked (26 mins)
This module unpacks the different signals YouTube can use to rank a video both on YouTube and within Google search, plus the one key metric that is CRUCIAL to achieving success.

You'll learn the specific steps to take when uploading videos to your YouTube channel to ensure your content has the best chance of being discovered.

Module 4 - YouTube channel optimisation and YouTube Cards (16 mins)
In module 4 we look at the simple, but frequently overlooked, steps you can take to optimise your YouTube channel and ensure it reflects the trading or your other digital channels.

Plus we explain the little-known YouTube Cards and End Screen, and walk-through the process of adding these powerful calls-to-action directly on to your videos.

Module 5 - YouTube analytics (23 mins)
Measuring the views, watch time and engagement of your video content will help you identify the success or failure of your YouTube channel.

In this module we take a 'live' tour around YouTube analytics to show you how to use the data for your own business.

Module 6 - YouTube advertising (36 mins)
Paying to promote your videos is a really quick way of driving views, watch time and engagement. In module 6 we look at the three formats for YouTube ads before taking an in depth look at the most popular type - TrueView ads.

The instructor walks you step-by-step through the creation of a simple video ad campaign and explains the various targeting and placement options including some clever tricks to get you video shown on your competitor's channel!

Module 7 - YouTube Live (6 mins)
An overview of YouTube Live comparing it with other popular live video platforms, including how to get your YouTube channel verified to start live broadcasts. Plus a few live streaming content ideas.

Wrap-up and final thoughts (8 mins)
In this final section of the course we look at some of the common mistakes people are making on their YouTube channels and summarise a few of the key tips to success.