Winning at Facebook Marketing with Zero Budget

Optimise your Page and Posts for Maximum Organic Reach

A guide to cracking Facebook’s ‘Edgerank’ Algorithm

Only a tiny minority of your fans actually see the content you put on Facebook. Some research puts this as low as 2%.

Using a complex algorithm, taking into account some 100,000 factors, Facebook suppresses your content so only very few of your intended audience sees it unless you pay to “boost” your posts.

This 7 module online training course covers the best types of content to use on Facebook, how to present it for maximum reach, how to avoid being unwittingly penalised by the algorithm, and shares the tips and tricks you need to know to use this channel well.

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Module 1 - Are your fans beyond your reach?

We examine just how bad the problem of reach has become.

We introduce the concept of the Facebook algorithm, explain why it exists and outline how it works.

Module 2 - Getting the basics right

The impact on the algorithm of choice of Page category, getting your Page verified, incomplete profile information, the number of fans you have and various other factors.

It also considers the advantages of Facebook Groups over Pages and details the differences between the two.

Module 3 - How to influence your reach by what and how you post

The algorithm's impact of different types of content on reach plus an analysis of the content type that trumps the rest.

We also explore the impact of reactions to a post on it's ultimate reach and share a number of techniques brands can employ to get more visibility.

Module 4 - Avoiding reach killers

There are multiple ways that brands regularly post content that result in Facebook throttling the reach of that post. Module 4 identifies these reach killers and gives some ideas for crafting content that will get great traction, without triggering the algorithm's alarms.

Module 5 - Other factors, tricks and tips

Here we pull together all the other factors, tricks and tips that we've not covered to date. With over 100,000 factors in the algorithm there are rather a few of these!

Module 6 - Other ways of beating the algorithm

How to work with your fans so that they are guaranteed to see your content.

We look at the best time to post for *your* audience and share best practice on further algorithm beating teachniques.

This module also contains a bunch of engaging content ideas and explores non algorithmic factors that nonetheless inflience reach.

  • 7 easy-to-follow video training modules
  • Practical training from top Facebook practitioner Marie Page
  • Access to trainer via Facebook support group
  • Real life examples and up-to-date best practice
  • Lifetime access to course materials