Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

A 3+ hour course covering all you need to know about using LinkedIn for job hunting, career development, networking and presenting yourself in the best possible light. Includes an extensive module on sourcing freelance opportunities.

Using a combination of live use of LinkedIn and more conventional Powerpoint-style presentation, Sarah presents the very latest best practice on LinkedIn with her unique take on what works.

Note that there is a separate course on using LinkedIn for marketing a business.

Course content

Course presenter Sarah Alder is joined by Digiterati Academy’s Marie Page to introduce the LinkedIn course and let you know what to expect in each module. 4 mins

Module 1 – LinkedIn lowdown
LinkedIn is considerably more than a social media platform for people looking for new jobs. In this first module Sarah and Marie look at the LinkedIn landscape and present a live tour of the opportunities the platform presents. 10 mins

Module 2 – Career development & networking
Using real life examples we unpack what makes a great LinkedIn profile and walk you through the process of creating and updating your profile information as well as managing your skills and endorsements.

We then look at how to get the best out of LinkedIn Groups - how to ensure you are joining in as well as simply joining

We conclude with a checklist of the 8 things your profile should include. 57 mins

Module 3 – Checking people out
LinkedIn is a great way to find out more about people before you meet or connect with them. In this short module we give the low down on how to do your research and get introduced. We also show the additional options that the paid-for premium service offers as well as features exclusively available on the mobile app. 10 mins

Module 4 – Building your network
Whether using LinkedIn to showcase your knowledge, connect with others or look for new job or business opportunities, you’ll get more out of LinkedIn by investing a little time and effort on the platform.

As well as recommendations on using LinkedIn’s Pulse blogging platform, Sarah showcases further ideas and opportunities for online networking and showcases suggestions for keeping in touch in a friendly and helpful (rather than pushy) manner.

We also delve into managing your privacy and communications settings, as well as checking the results of your efforts. 55 mins

Module 5 – Sourcing a new job
This module is designed for people looking for a new permanent or contract job using LinkedIn.

We cover how to do simple and more detailed job searches on both desktop and mobile. You will learn how to stay regularly updated for new opportunities through the alerts service and also discover Sarah’s tips on privacy and preference settings.

We also outline the benefits of using LinkedIn’s paid for Premium service in job search as well as unpack how to use and manage the separate mobile Jobs app. 23 mins

Module 6 – Opportunities for freelancers & portfolio-ers
This final module is for people who are looking for freelance work or connections for portfolio working. As well as a slew of helpful tips from Sarah who has used LinkedIn to build her own successful consultancy career, we look at how to find more clients like your best clients.

We conclude with some quick tips on using Boolean search and how to identify what’s working, see who you are attracting to you content and court prestigious recommendations. 24 mins