Setting Up and Marketing a Local Sport, Fitness or Teaching Business

The skills, training and experience that make for a good yoga, Pilates, karate, maths (or whatever) teacher rarely overlap with entrepreneurial business acumen.

That’s why we have put together a practical and easy-to-understand course designed to cover all the need-to-know aspects of how to set up and then market a local teaching business.

The course is ideal for new teachers setting up a business for the first time or old hands who need to get up-to-speed with digital technologies.

Module 1 – Strategy

Module 2 – Website

Module 3 – Getting Local Search Right

Module 4 – Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Module 5 – Facebook and Other Social Media

Module 6 – Free Promotion Opportunities

Module 7 – Tools to Help You Run Your Business

Module 8 – Communications

Bonus Module – Taking Your Classes Online