Facebook Cover Photos: Size specs & best practice

Masses of tricks, tips and ideas for Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles

A brand new 40 minute Masterclass on Facebook cover photos. Incorporating the very latest size recommendations that work on desktop, tablet and mobile (beware – loads of websites and so-called gurus get this wrong) plus ideas for text content, how to avoid your text being cropped and learn to use your cover photo as an email capture tool.

The Masterclass covers:

  • Naming conventions: Page, Profile, Group, Profile Picture, Cover Photo
  • Optimum size dimensions going into 2018 for high res display for Page, Profile and Group cover photos and Profile Pictures
  • Pixel by pixel recommendations showing where your cover photo is cropped on mobile, desktop and tablet – find out where the safe area is for text
  • An explanation of how Facebook chooses where to make the “circular crop” for Group cover photos
  • Best practice for your profile picture / company logo in Facebook’s square (and round) format
  • Free software recommendations for creating cover photos
  • See where the experts get their cover photos wrong
  • Using video as your Facebook Page cover photo and a sneak peak to using a slideshow instead
  • Ideas for what copy to include on your cover photo with examples from successful Pages and Groups
  • How to use your cover photo as an email capture device (without having to pay for lead gen ads)

• 40+ minute masterclass accurate for 2018 Facebook cover sizes
• Covering all three types of cover photo: Pages, Groups and Profile
• Practical training from top Facebook practitioner Marie Page
• Access to trainer via community group
• Real life examples and up-to-date best practice
• Lifetime access to course materials
• Plus download the Digiterati Facebook Cover Image Size Guide for free
• Plus the Digiterati Facebook Cover Image Photoshop template