SEO: A Practical Guide for the Non-Technical Marketer

An in-depth guide to Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Designed for all marketers and not just those with technical or back end, responsibility for the website.

This course will demystify SEO to ensure that your entire marketing team are contributing to your SEO efforts rather than leaving it to chance or outsourcing to an agency.

You will learn how to make radical improvements to your existing website to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. It will also guide you in best practice when setting up a website from scratch.

Whilst designed primarily for non-technical staff, module two goes into easy to understand detail about the technical expectations of a Google-friendly website. This will equip you to specify the changes that your website developer needs to make to improve your SEO performance from a technical perspective.

We look at the art and science of keyword research and equip you to then deploy your chosen keyword phrases to optimum effect in your copy and page mark-up.

An entire module is devoted to mastering local search results – crucial to many small businesses.

The full course is designed to encourage you to craft your website for real people as well as Google’s search spiders. As a result we teach copywriting approaches for the web as well as a module looking at how to craft your USP.

The course concludes with a case study of a website we took from zero to number one in the search results all within three months.

 Module 1 – An introduction to SEO and SERPs

Module 2 – Technical SEO

  • Speed
  • Crawlability
  • ResponsivenessT
  • Tools

Module 3 – Keywords

  • Research
  • Deployment

Module 4 – Writing Copy and Page Mark-up

Module 5 – Backlinks and Content

Module 6 – Local Search

Module 7 – Branding, USP and Audience

Module 8 – Reporting

Module 9 – Case Study and Wrap-up