Fast Track Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital marketing or you want to update your knowledge, Fast Track Digital Marketing will give you a clear understanding of key digital marketing channels, the underlying principles for using them effectively and advice on planning and executing campaigns.

Presented by Sarah Alder, this 9 module, 3 hour plus course will give you a better understanding of:

  • Essential digital marketing jargon, the key channels and the underlying principles
  • How to plan customer-focused digital marketing
  • Integrated search marketing strategies
  • Online display advertising options for lead generation and conversion
  • Social media marketing in a business context
  • Designing websites and applications for better user experience
  • How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns
  • Analytics: what to measure and how to manage
  • What to watch for the future in digital

 Course Content


 Module 1 - The digital marketing landscape

  •  Current trends, challenges and opportunities

Module 2 - Customer focus

  • Designing websites and apps with the customer in mind
  • Customer persona development
  • Mapping the customer journey

Module 3 - Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research analysis and tools
  • SEO: Link building techniques and how they help your rankings

Module 4 - Online advertising

  • Where to advertise online
  • Google Ads (PPC and GDN)
  • Pay-per-click advertising: the essentials
  • Facebook advertising
  • Advertising on the other social media platforms

Module 5 - Email Marketing

  • Why email marketing still works in a social media era
  • A strategic framework for email
  • An award-winning email unpacked
  • The elements to consider beyond the copy
  • Email benchmarking data
  • GDPR
  • Marketing automation

Module 6 - Social Media Marketing

  •  The challenge of attaining organic reach
  • Understanding paid, owned and earned media
  • The Facebook News Feed Algorithm
  • Social media user behaviour
  • The ‘Big Four': Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • How Instagram and Pinterest fit into the social media landscape
  • The impact of Mobile Messaging Apps: WhatsApp & Snapchat
  • Content marketing
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Online reviews

Module 7 - UX and Usability

  • An introduction to UX
  • What makes a great website
  • Auditing your website
  • Copy and Design: creating information architecture that delivers
  • Desktop and mobile: delivering the best user experience
  • The importance of user testing

Module 8 - Web Analytics and Metrics

  • On-site analytics
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics
  • The analytics dashboard
  • Social listening
  • What to measure – website performance, keywords, SEO, content, social media, online surveys, emails
  • Tools
  • Implementation challenges

Module 9 - The future of digital

  • Voice search
  • AR and VR
  • Social media trends
  • Facebook Watch
  • Ecommerce
  • How to spot emerging trends

Course review

  • Recommended tools