About Us

Having taught digital and social media marketing face-to-face to thousands of marketers over the years, The Digiterati’s team have pulled together their incredible expertise for this unique set of online courses and masterclasses presented by the Digiterati Academy.

Launching with an initial focus on Facebook marketing, we have courses on LinkedIn, Snapchat, content marketing, online advertising and more in the pipeline.

Digiterati Academy online training comes in two formats:

  • Courses - a series of longer training courses comprising several modules, all delivered by video, that provide in depth learning on a topic to give foundational understanding that today’s digital or social media marketer needs to succeed.
  • Masterclasses - shorter individual video lessons that provide a deep-dive into a specific social media or digital marketing topic. These include evergreen best practice as well as practical insights to new developments to platforms and the opportunities that arise.

Drawing from businesses of all sizes from the world’s leading multinational brands to ‘solopreneur’ micro-businesses, teaching is accessible to people working in organisations of any size and in any sector.

Our mantra is relentless pursuit of digital excellence.

Together we will help you achieve it.

Our team of instructors

Marie Page Carlton Jefferis Sarah Alder Sophie Smith
Facebook specialist
Facebook advertising
Facebook Groups
Social media marketing
Facebook Live
Facebook Pixel
LinkedIn marketing
B2B social marketing
Copywriting for the web