Team pricing

Our Access All Areas 'AAA' Subscription gives your whole team access to EVERYTHING in the Digiterati Academy for one low monthly fee.

There's no risk - you can cancel your subscription anytime and you'll enjoy continued access until the end of your paid period.

Micro Plan


monthly per team
or £990/yr (Get 2 months FREE)

2 - 5 users
EVERY training course
EVERY masterclass
Continual updates and additions
CPD certificates
Access instructors via support group
No contract - cancel anytime


Small Plan


monthly per team
or £1490/yr (Get 2 months FREE)

Up to 10 users
EVERY training course
EVERY masterclass
Continual updates and additions
CPD certificates
Access instructors via support group
No contract - cancel anytime


Medium Plan


monthly per team
or £2490/yr (Get 2 months FREE)

Up to 20 users
EVERY training course
EVERY masterclass
Continual updates and additions
CPD certificates
Access instructors via support group
No contract - cancel anytime


Corporate Plan


monthly per team
or £5490/yr (Get 2 months FREE)

Up to 50 users
EVERY training course
EVERY masterclass
Continual updates and additions
CPD certificates
Access instructors via support group
No contract - cancel anytime


Even bigger team?

If you want to provide Digiterati Academy to more than 50 team members, or as a value-added service to an existing membership, society or organisation please contact us for a custom quote.

Benefits of team membership

Boost your team's success with Digiterati Academy by your side.

  • Less paperwork - a single monthly (or annual) payment and receipt for the whole team

  • Individual logins - each team member receives their own unique login. They can start and stop at their own pace knowing their progress will be saved for later

  • Continuing Professional Development - each team member can receive  a CPD certificate on completion of each course or masterclass
  • Access anywhere - instant access on any device: desktop, latop, tablet or smartphone. No need to travel to an expensive public training venue!
  • Cost effective - eliminate the typical travel, subsistence and accommodation costs associated with face-to-face training
  • Flexible learning - team members can learn in their own time, can dip in and out and pick up where they left off. Never again will an important work deadline clash with a pre-arranged training day!

  • Variety - pick and mix courses to suit training needs, from beginner through to advanced training - great to fast track interns and new staff and get them up-to-speed on current best practice

  • Stay up-to-date - impress your colleagues or clients and win business by demonstrating your cutting-edge digital capabilities and knowhow

What people are saying about us

Rick Guttridge
MD, Smoking Gun PR

"I've used the great people at Digiterati Academy to train my team on social media best practice (Facebook literally changes policy by the week).

I really believe you will get many times more value from their excellent videos than the small subscription."

Dave Chaffey
CEO, Smart Insights

"Today, all businesses want to use social media to boost awareness of their business and service in a positive way. The theory is compelling, but to know what works in practice you have to ‘get your hands dirty’ and manage social media on a daily basis. This is why I recommend Digiterati for training businesses on social media and content marketing. From working with them on several training projects I know they have used all the techniques and tools that matter, so know what works and what doesn’t, and can show using examples what will work for other businesses too."

Fresh, new learning

Digiterati Academy isn't full of tired, outdated techniques and material. It's constantly updated with the things that work right now, not last year.
If there's something new you need to know, rest assured we're ON IT!

Available now

  • Facebook Page Fundamentals [Course]
  • Latest updates to Facebook Groups [Masterclass]
  • Using LinkedIn for marketing a business [Course]
  • A step-by-step guide to Online Funnel Marketing [Course]
  • Winning at Facebook Marketing with Zero Budget [Course]
  • Social media platform verification [Masterclass]
  • Facebook Ads, Audiences and Targeting [Course]
  • Using Linkedin for professional networking [Course]
  • The Essential Guide to Effective Facebook Groups [Course]
  • Messenger - the future of social customer service [Masterclass]
  • Facebook Insights 101 [Masterclass]
  • Setting up a Shop on Facebook [Masterclass]
  • Fast-track the New Facebook Page Layout [Masterclass]
  • How to use Events Successfully on Facebook [Masterclass]
  • Facebook Competitions done the right way [Masterclass]
  • The brand NEW Facebook Ad Objectives [Masterclass]
  • Facebook’s New Post Options Explained [Masterclass]
  • How to split-test Facebook Ads with Ads Manager [Masterclass]
  • Using Hashtags Effectively on Facebook [Masterclass]
  • The Essential Guide to Facebook Offers [Masterclass]

Coming soon

  • Email marketing
  • YouTube and video marketing
  • YouTube channel optimisation
  • Instagram marketing
  • Email automation (Mailchimp, Infusionsoft and more)
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Snapchat for business
  • Content marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Advanced Twitter marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Handling complaints on social media
  • Social media policy
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress
  • User experience and web accessibility

More Facebook soon

  • Idiots guide to using the new Facebook pixel
  • Facebook Messenger for business
  • Facebook Live video
  • Facebook advertising for beginners
  • Targeting using Facebook ads
  • Facebook Page verification
  • Using Facebook Events
  • Why you should use Links not Photos on Facebook
  • Using Lead Ads for competitions
  • Facebook's Detailed Targeting tool explained
  • Hashtags for Facebook
  • Using Preferred Page audiences on Facebook

Plus masterclasses that examine all the new platform developments that haven't even been announced yet!


If you've got a question the chances are we've covered it below. If not, why not drop us a message using the chatbox (bottom right corner) or you use our contact form.

Do you offer an annual or quarterly subscription rather than monthly?
At the present time we offer both monthly or annual subscription options.

Is there a minimum term?
No. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you'll enjoy continued access until the end of your paid period.

How do I add my team members?
Once you have completed your purchase we will ask for your team member names and email addresses so we can add them to your membership.

Can I change or remove a team member, for instance if they leave my company?
Yes. Just drop us an email and we will update your membership with the new details.

How do I cancel?
We hope your team get so much value from the Academy that you won’t want to cancel, but if at any time you decide Digiterati Academy is not the right solution for your business you can cancel your monthly subscription by simply requesting the main account holder (the person who set up the subscription) to email our support team. We will immediately cancel your subscription and notify you by email. Your annual subscription can be cancelled at any time and you will still enjoy your membership until your 12 month term expires.

If I cancel my subscription will my team lose access to the Academy Masterclasses and Courses?
You retain access for the remainder of the month (or year) you have paid for, after which time your team's access will be suspended.

If I cancel but later decide to re-subscribe can I get the same monthly rate I was paying?
If you were originally subscribed at a special discounted rate you will lose that rate. Your new subscription would be at the rates current at the time.

How many courses and masterclasses are there in Digiterati Academy right now?
There 20+ Courses and Masterclasses already available within the Academy library. Numerous additional Courses and Masterclasses are already in production and will be added shortly. We are serious about this Academy and know that if we don’t live up to our promises, and your expectations, of fresh and relevant training material you will simply cancel your subscription and leave. Having said that, we also don’t want to scare new members with a huge wall of content! Our intention is to publish new material approximately twice a month, but it could be more or less frequently depending on platform changes.

I see lots of Facebook marketing training at the moment. Is Digiterati Academy only about Facebook?
In a word, no! We had to start somewhere so we decided to focus initially on lots of Facebook training because of market demand, the very frequent changes, and our belief that Facebook represents probably the best opportunity for businesses right now.

What other areas will you be covering in future?
We have a vast range of Masterclasses and Courses in the pipeline covering Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Policy, YouTube, Google Analytics, Wordpress and much, much more. We also invite our members to suggest new courses and vote which ones they want first. At the end of the day we exist to serve YOU our members.

Can my team contact you to suggest new training course ideas?
Absolutely! We are here to serve our members and ensure you're getting the most value from our range of training materials. We encourage members to let us know their priorities and we also conduct regular surveys to gain insight into our members' needs.

Can I access this on my mobile device?
Absolutely! Digiterati Academy works seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

How is this different to other providers such as Digital Marketer / Smart Insights / Lynda / Udemy and similar?
Good question! It’s a confusing market! Digital Marketer and other digital marketing publishers are great sources of marketing advice but mainly focus on theory, strategy and process. Digiterati Academy differs by providing frequently updated training with step-by-step practical and actionable learning outcomes using the very latest techniques.

Lynda and Udemy offer a vast range of training types (not just marketing training) so their focus isn’t as sharp as Digiterati Academy. Many of their courses are based around learning the "fundamentals" which, while very useful, do not take account of the latest developments and techniques hence many of their courses can be outdated. Digiterati Academy’s content is always at the leading edge and frequently updated.

We truly believe Digiterati Academy to be unique in the marketplace.

Can my organisation issue a purchase order and you send us an invoice?
If your organisation would prefer to issue a purchase order for an annual subscription we will gladly send you an invoice. However, your access will only commence on receipt of payment. This payment option is not available on monthly subscriptions. In addition we are unfortunately unable to honour the 2 free month offer on annual subscriptions which are billed via proforma invoice due to the additional administration involved.

Will I receive an invoice?
We will email you a receipt for your payment(s) immediately after purchase. For monthly or annual subscriptions you will receive an emailed receipt for each payment.

Do you charge VAT, VAT MOSS or Sales Tax?
No. We are currently exempt from VAT, VAT MOSS and Sales Tax. The price you see for our courses and subscriptions is the price you pay.

See you inside the Academy!