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Using LinkedIn for your own professional networking

A 3+ hour course covering all you need to know about using LinkedIn for job hunting, career development, networking a...


A step-by-step guide to online funnel marketing

A key mistake most businesses make is to put all their effort into customer acquisition but fail to pay attention to ...


Facebook audiences & ads targeting

A detailed, step-by-step guide to Facebook’s audience and ad targeting features. This practical course will ...


Facebook Page Fundamentals

A great foundational course for people new to Facebook marketing as well as those with an existing Page keen to revie...


How to Boost Posts on Facebook

A step-by-step guide to help you reach more of the *right* people With paid reach accounting for 40% of total reach ...


Facebook Cover Photos: Size specs & best practice

Masses of tricks, tips and ideas for Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles A brand new 40 minute Masterclass on Facebo...


Going viral: a funnel marketing case study

In this 2-part masterclass we explore a real-life funnel marketing campaign that we created on the back of a piece of...


Avoiding the ā€œLā€ word and other reach killers

Did you know that the words you use in your Facebook updates could be killing your reach? There is a secret list of ...


Optimising Facebook for local search & visibility

How to optimise your Facebook Page and content for local search and visibility Facebook's search engine is far from ...


The difference between a Facebook Like and Follow

What is the difference between a Like and a Follow on Facebook?Plus what’s new on Notifications and Suggestions...


Facebook Group Member Request Settings

Facebook is beta testing a new feature that enables Admins to vet prospective members by asking them questions when t...


Social Media Verification Masterclass

How to get your profile verified on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter With social media an ever noisy place it can be ...